Saturday, April 18, 2015

Getting OLD has it’s Benefits…

Another year older…doesn’t seem nearly as bad when you have   wonderful, thoughtful family and friends to help you celebrate…and take the sting out of getting OLD!  They must have been feeling REALLY sorry for me this year because I got a ton of loot…lotions and potions, Quilty Note Cards, Flowers, Wool Kits, Wool Threads, Chocolate and Spices and Fabric galore and even a Fitbit to keep me in shape (I will be blogging more about this wonderful little gadget in the coming days!)… but today let me show you the handmade items…This is, after all, a QUILTING blog!

Look at what my Basting Beauty Daughter made me for my birthday…not one, not two but THREE of the sweetest BAGS ever! 


This is called ‘The Hour Bag’ as it apparently takes one hour to make…that is minus the Flying Geese paper pieced border circling this bag.  This is Erin’s first attempt at making flying geese AND at doing Paper Piecing…I think she passed with flying colours! 


Here’s the other side…just lovely!  This wILL be a great bag to keep the fabrics in for the project that I am currently working on…Oh, I am going to be sew organized!


The Sew-Together Bag is dang cute too…made in the sweetest prints…with a zipper closing which loops around each end, providing handles for easy opening and closing!


This is the other side…8o)


Inside…three ZIPPERED sections…but wait…


…check out the lovely lining inside each zippered compartment!  Yikes!  I would have been too daunted to make this bag…ALL those zippers…all that lining!


And Erin went and made TWO of them!  Check out this one…LOVE the hexies (her first attempt at making hexagons…and they are perfect!) 


Look at the riot of colour inside!


And check out the sweetest print lining each zippered pouch! 


Yup, I love them all!  Thank you sew much, Erin!  That was very thoughtful of you and way too much! 

And my friend Claire, made me these super cute wool pillows…not one, but TWO SPRING PILLOWS…dang sweet with perfect wee stitches! 


I love the CB initials and year stitched on each pillow…just in case I lose it down the road…(the mind that is, not the pillow!)  I’ll always know who made it!


I took them outside to photograph so that you could see how vivid that blue wool is!  Perfect Robin’s Egg blue!


An artsy shot!  (Is there anyone ‘out there’ saying “Get those lovely pillows off the dirt and gravel…besides ME?!:o)


And finally in their resting spot…on the coffee table with a few wooden eggs…also gifts from Claire!  Thank you, Claire!  I appreciate every stitch!


And my friend Sandy was knee deep in cement when she whipped up this one of a kind, garden STEPPING STONE, with a Desert motif on it!  It’s a wonderful reminder of our ‘down south’ antics…shhhhh…what happens on the desert, stays on the desert!  You won’t hear about it from ME…my lips are sealed…ZIP…but I do LOVE this stepping stone and have the perfect spot for it!!


Thanks you so much, Sandy! 

I love it all!  THANK YOU!  Yup, getting OLD isn’t nearly as bad as it could be!  It’s ALL good…even the aches and pains because it certainly beats the alternative!  Today you will find me in my sewing room!  ‘Recess’ will be a long hike in the woods so that I can put that new Fitbit to the test!  Doesn’t get any better than this!  Life is good…very, very good!

Have a Super Saturday and Happy Stitching!~P

Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Trunk Show…

There’s nothing that I like better than a Trunk Show…it’s like a one quilter mini Quilt Show!  So how lucky was I to get back from holidays just in the nick of time to see Karen’s Trunk Show.  Karen is a new Heritage Quilt Guild member…but she has been quilting forever.  Karen is also a member of the Victoria Quilters’ Guild and is BC Coastal Region Rep for the Canadian Quilters' Association!  A nice addition to our guild for sure! 

So sit back and enjoy Karen’s show…


This is a work in progress…a wedding gift!


Even the back is pretty!


This is a Cathedral Window Quilt that her husband bought on one of their travels!  Massive and VERY beautiful!


A better look at the blocks…


And this is an antique quilt that Karen found in her travels!  I LOVED this quilt…


And a close up of the blocks…


Karen showed us samples of surface design techniques such as painting, stitching, image transfers and dyeing.  IMG_4322IMG_4323IMG_4325IMG_4326IMG_4327

This is glue applied to the fabric…


During the show, Karen spoke about the importance of showing and sharing your quilts.  She also stressed the importance of having a proper label on each and EVERY quilt that you make. Who knows, in fifty years’ time your “humble” quilt might be of great interest to a collector who would like to know all about its origins. So don’t just sign it “With love from Nana” … but include your name, the year you completed the quilt and any other pertinent information you can think of.  You just never know…

Thanks, Karen, we loved the show! 

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Stitching!~P

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

It’s Simply MOOvelous!

Check it out!!  Taylor and Kathy from ‘The Cottage at Cardiff Farms’ have just completed their first block from “Where the Cows Come Home” out Diamond Textile yarn dyed fabrics…and it is GORGEOUS!! 


You can read about it HERE!! 

It’s NEVER too late to join in…(just sayin’….;o)  For details on our Sew A-Long go HERE


Have a terrific Tuesday and happy stitching!~P