Monday, August 3, 2015

A Wee Forest...

...was planted and harvested yesterday...and added to my Wee House Quilt!  I love trees as much as I love houses so it makes sense that I would join the two!  BUT  I think I am going to have to make more!  Wouldn't this make a sweet pillow or a table topper?

You can find the pattern for these wee trees HERE...thank you to Olivia Jane for the FREE Pattern!  (Don't you love the internet!)

Now I have to figure out the sashing and cornerstone colours...Any ideas...?  Decisions...decisions...

Have a magical Monday and Happy Stitching!~P

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Heritage Happenings...

I cleaned up my camera card this morning and came across some Heritage pictures that I didn't know I had...:o}}...  plus a few that I took last week while at Heritage Quilt Guild!  Sorry about that ladies...
So let the good times roll...

 And these pictures are from last I remember these...Sandy's gorgeous wool runner that she is still working on...absolutely beautiful!

 Judy received a bundle of purple FQs for Christmas (not her favourite colour) so she made a runner...and with the left over fabric she...
 ...made the backing...and will gift it back to the person who gave her the fabric!  ;o)
 And Glynis finished off her 'Warm Winter Blessings'...gorgeous as ever!  Love this quilt...and yes, this woman does NOT sleep!!

So now I am caught up and my camera card is spic and span!  Ohhh... what will I talk about tomorrow?  
Have a sunny Sunday and Happy Stitching!~P

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Out of Hand...

While in Calgary, my quilting daughter, Erin and I slipped away and went to the quilt shop "Out of Hand"!  This shop is appropriately named as it really is, 'out of hand'... but in a VERY good way!  Every nook and cranny is crammed with quilting goodness!  Where does one start wandering in this shop?  You really do need a couple of hours to see everything and of course we didn't have that kind of time...

Let's start with the front desk...behind it was a modern/vintage quilt by Jen Kingwell called 'Circle Game'...which is a *DDG sampler style quilt that the shop was offering as BOM/Workshop Quilt...if any quilt could sway me to the dark side (modern) this one could!!  *DDG=Drop Dead really is!

 But it was the 'Steam Punked' blocks to the left of this quilt that had me hopping!  Loved these blocks!

WOW!  Now this is what I call a WOOL CORNER!  Send me to the corner...PLEASE!

 There were TONS of wool threads in every colour...

And the Wool Corner from another angle...Oh man, LOOK at those hexagon blocks above the wool...didn't even see those until NOW!  I need to go back!

 They even had sweet 'Liberty' $42.50 a metre!  (FQ were over $10 each!) but oh. so. pretty!
 And Civil Wars....yum!
 And in their classroom they were working on 'Farm Girl Vintage' by Lori Holt blocks...I was surprised at how small they were and how cute!
 And some close-ups!  They were being offered in workshop format!

 Buttons and trim...yowzers!
 They had a huge section of modern fabrics and diamond textiles!  Erin spotted this linen in amongst  the diamond textiles...created by Yoko Saito for Lecien.  We both bought a small piece...loved it for a backing?
 I also spotted Gardenvale by Jen Kingwell....I know...I am walking a fine line to the dark side but I do LOVE her designs and fabrics!!  And ONE charm pack isn't going to send me over the it?!
 And I had to have Jen Kingwell's Steam Punk pattern and templates!  SEW PRETTY!
 And this shop carries EVERY international quilting magazine known to's just to get at them!  There were bolts of fabric right in front of their magazine display...
...but that didn't stop me from snapping up these two up!  The 'Love Folk & Country Quilting' is from the UK!

So did we have fun at "Out of Hand Quilt Shop"?  Such a silly question..the answer is an unanimous YES!!  LOVED THIS SHOP!  I want to go back and check out all the corners...all the crannies...look under every shelf and under every bolt of fabric!  There are lots of hidden treasures in this just need TIME...and of course MONEY...lots and lots of MONEY!! :o))

Have a super Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P