Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Highlights from Ottawa...

I arrived in Ottawa Thursday evening, after spending eleven hours 'on the road'...and left Monday morning... to do more of the same...but add on a FOUR HOUR wait in Vancouver!  But it was all good because my daughter and I packed in so much fun during those three days that I needed that extra travel time home just to process it all!

Here are some of the I'm not on the boat tour (maybe next time?)...I'm riding my rental bike down the bike lane that followed the beautiful Rideau a small lake and park. 

Here I am starting us off on our adventure.  Well, it was an adventure for daughter rides a bike everywhere around Ottawa!  They have wonderful bike paths all over this scenic city.  Friday, after spending the morning in Parliament, we had lunch downtown, then went shopping in the little shops at the heart of the city.  Then we road our bikes to an area of town where we had dinner and went to the movies (Bridgette Jones' Baby...don't laugh, I really enjoyed it!!), then took an Uber (taxi) home!
As you can see, there were no leaves turning colour...but it was a warm beautiful day. Ottawa hasn't had any cold weather there were no signs of Fall.

Highlights on Saturday~two outdoor markets, a Church Fair, TWO quilt shops, an Etsy Craft Fair in Kanata, a trip to Ikea, shopping in another part of town that was AWESOME...(I can't remember the name of the area but it reminded me of Robson St. in Vancouver!)  We vegged on the couch, ate pizza and watched 'chic flicks' in the evening..
Here are some pictures of our day...Markets' highlights-

Loved this booth...those are carrots...yellow and white stacked so artfully!

Off to a Quilt Shop in's called 'The Running Stitch' was a quick trip but I managed to spend a the book department!

Here are a couple of pictures of the quilts in the window...

And some shots of inside the shop...

The other Quilt Shop that we visited wasn't really a 'quilt shop', more like a Fabric Store...It's called 'Fabrications' and I really didn't have high hopes for this shop.  In fact, I told my daughter that we should skip this one but she insisted.  I am SO glad that I raised a persistent daughter...haha... because I LOVED this shop!  
The shop had a huge classroom...they teach sewing skills...making clothes, jeans, etc..and yes, quilts!
To the left is the classroom and to the right is the shop...there is Curtis, the nicest sales person!
This was the wall of fabric...doesn't look like much but it was just what I was looking for...Japanese fun prints and unusual modern prints...perfect fabric for baby quilts!
Yes, I quickly put Curtis to work cutting Fat Quarters!  (I will share my loot tomorrow)!  AND YES I will definitely be going back to this shop on my next visit!  If you like fun prints and linens then this is the shop for YOU!

Hayley and I spent the morning in Parliament watching Question Period!  Alas our PM, Justin Trudeau wasn't there...we found out later that he was in BC entertain Kate and William!  What? He should be entertain US!  :o))  A tour of the Parliament Building should be on every tourist's list of things TO DO while in Ottawa!  It's a magnificent building!

An Etsy Craft Fair...everything that you can order from Etsy Craft sites under one roof!  WOW!
Very 'Qute'!

It was packed so I was surprised when I saw this picture!  I didn't take any close-up picture as there were signs saying not to...but you get the idea!  Lots to see and lots to buy...and lots of IDEAS to 'file away'.... (I need a Pinterest site in my brain so that I can retrieve those ideas at a later date!)
Sunday we took a REALLY long bike ride...until my legs turned to rubber...we even carried our bikes over the canal's locks!  I bought a basket of strawberries at the market to eat for a picnic on our ride only to discover that I had been leaving a trail of berries behind me!  The five remaining berries were DELICIOUS and I'm sure the birds were thanking me for their berry-lishous lunch !  Then it was off to the GLEBE (an area in town where there are the cutest shops and restaurants)... we put on over 20,000 steps...this is after our bike ride around the lake and looping back to the city!
Back at Hayley's apartment, as we vegged on her couch, I commented that the ONLY thing that we didn't do on this visit, was eat a 'Beavertail'...Me and my big mouth!! It was up off the couch and back to the city center (yes, we walked) because we HAD to  complete our visit with a Beavertail... even it meant ruining our dinner!

For those of you who have never eaten a Beavertail here's what they look like...they are like a huge flat doughnut with different toppings and they are served warm and gooey!  Mine was the traditional Maple and Chocolate...OMG GOOD... while Hayley had the Nuttela topping...which is just plain WRONG...but she said it was delicious!  Dinner was light...very light!

To say that we had a FANTASTIC visit was an understatement...but the dogs' were barking (code for my feet were killing me!).  I knew it was their way of saying that it was time to go home! 

Sewing?  Nope...nada...nothing!  Not one stitch...didn't even get it out of the suitcase! :o))

BUT... I hoped you enjoyed my visit to Ottawa...:o)

Have a wonderful Wednesday and Happy Stitching! 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tips and Tutorial...

Yesterday, at Heritage Quilt Guild's Meeting, Carol gave a very informative workshop on how to sew flanged mitered bindings!  They were fast and easy and look at how pretty!  

Carol is a HUGE fan and follower of "Karen's Quilts, Crows and Cardinals Blog (Redbird Quilt Co.)"... and so am I ...But unlike me, Carol actually FOLLOWED Karen's tutorial on how to make these flanged mitered bindings.  Carol made them look so easy, quick and and pretty and sturdy hand sewing as they are completely machine stitched...perfect for baby quilts and charity quilts...And when finished you have that added splash of colour around the binding!
 I'm not going to get into the nitty-gritty on HOW to do it...I am going to let Karen do that over at her BLOG...just go HERE for the easy tutorial!  Be prepared to be amazed!!  SEW fast and easy!

 Carol also shared this wonderful TIP on how to tame those long, long binding strips while sewing them onto your quilt top...You know how they always get tangled at your feet...or worse, they get caught up in the roller wheels of your chair...WELL, NO MORE!!...Carol quickly accordion folded the binding and then put it into a plastic bag with the binding end hanging out... Then she placed the bag over her left arm, out of the way (see picture below)...Carol then stitched the binding down at her machine and the binding flowed out of the bag and didn't tangle or get in the way...EASY-PEASY and very slick!  An "ah-ha moment" for all of us!


Sometimes it's the simple things in life that make the world of difference!  So THANK YOU, Carol...and KAREN...for sharing your expertise and tips with us!  Check it out, you won't be sorry!

Have a terrific Tuesday and happy stitching!~P

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Fitbits..from Sad to Glad!!

My daughters gave me a Fitbit for my birthday over a year ago and I loved it!  For those of you who have never heard of a 'Fitbit' it's a watch that tells the time but it also tells you how many steps you have taken, how many stairs you have climbed, how well you have slept...and more!  (You can go HERE to find out more about them!)

I am a hiker...we go off most mornings on one of the trails around where we live and by the end of the day I have easily racked up 10,000+ steps!  If I haven't got my steps in, I get off my rear, grab the dog and off we go and complete what is necessary to do so!  My Fitbit has kept me more active than I normally would be!  If you don't actually get outside and WALK you would be shocked and appalled at how few steps you take around the house...even if you do housework!:o)  AND gawd forbid if you should stay in your sewing room all day!  DARN... no steps for pressing the pedal to the metal!

SO..imagine my despair when my Fitbit started to fall apart!
                             began slowly...the edges around the timer started to lift...until my Fitbit looked like this and stopped working all together!  One year and 4 months old!  YIKES!  Four months passed the warranty! UGH!


I got a hold of the Fitbit Company and with very few questions...they are replacing the watch!! Remember mine is PASSED the warranty date and with NO hassle, NO fuss, NO muss they are sending a new one!  (I sent them a picture of my  dissolving Fitbit).  I was so impressed with their serve department!  Seriously, I was expecting a "Sorry, you are passed the warranty date..."

[My only other (minor) complaint with the particular Fitbit that I have, is that there was no safety clasp on it...I purchased these wee Bitbelts and the problem was solved.  My daughters have since bought the newer Fitbits and they now have the safety clasps.]  

So in a few days I will be wearing a new Fitbit!  Thank goodness, as I REALLY miss it!  I will be doing a Happy Dance for sure (YES! Dancing adds on tons of STEPS!)  Now... if it was just as easy to replace this worn out ol' body...but that's for another post!  Oh, the aches and pains...haha

Have a SUNNY Sunday and happy stitching!~P