Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Peeling the Love...

Remember this quilt...done by friend and fellow retired teacher, Ann?  Such a happy, summery quilt!
 Well, Ann has been up to her old tricks and created this jaw dropping orange peel quilt!
 She is using scrappy blues and two different size of peels and the blocks are set on point!  Wow...it's incredible!
And LOOK at the petals in each side triangle, with one in the corner!  Seriously LOVE everything about this quilt!  Ann hit this one right out of the baseball park!
Yup, I'm Peeling the love!!  How about YOU?   Are you Peeling it too?:o))  Hey, once a Grade One teacher, always a Grade One teacher...right Ann?  Right?....

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Stitching!~P

Monday, May 30, 2016

June's Simple Pleasures are Coming Your Way...

Just a short post today to share a small finish...but a finish none the less!  

It's a wee pillow to add to the bowl to help celebrate the month of JUNE...which is just a blink away. 

 This is a Buttermilk Basin pattern...an oldie but a goodie and it's part of the 'Simple Pleasure Thru the Year' series.  You can find some of the patterns HERE.  The rest, you will have to dig for...as I said, this is an old pattern.  Don't you wish that old patterns were suddenly new again?!

I hope you have a magical Monday and Happy Stitching!~P

Sunday, May 29, 2016

"Stop Me In My Tracks" off to a SLOW start!

As you know, I jumped onto the Painted Quilts Blog Sew-ALong...except they are finished making their quilt tops and I am just starting!  SEW goes the story of my life...but that's OK because I will get 'er done...maybe not in this decade but definitely the next!  :o))

I ordered the fabric from an On-line Shop...mail to Canada from the States is s-l-o-w but mail to Vancouver Island is even slower!  So there was THAT wait...then when I received the fabric I was short fabric...(I NEVER measure fabric after I buy it...but for some reason I wanted to be certain...I guess because I didn't order extra fabric...I ordered exactly what Kaaren instructed).  Dang...but the shop was great and popped the extra 1/4 yd into the mail!  NOTE to self...always measure your fabric before starting...who knew?!

So this week I got out my trusty June Tailor Ruler...the ones with the slats cut out...LOVE THIS RULER!

In a matter of minutes I had tons of strips cut out!

 I have switched over sewing machines...I am now using my Grand Pfaff 1200 for piecing and I love it...Oh man, she goes like stink!!  I means she sails through those strips in a blink!....BUT she doesn't have the 1/4" seam foot attachment...so I got out my green tape and measurement thingy...and I'll be darned if I could get a precise 1/4" all the way down that long 44" strip!!  Kaaren did highlight the part about how that 1/4" seam was SO important...just for me, I'm sure!!  So I stopped until I could get my hands on the foot!
 Saturday morning it was off to Sawyer Sewing Centre for me! OK...I stopped at a few Garage Sales along my way...!  It WAS Saturday after all!

 Yup...they had the right foot and I am now back in business!
 I now have NO EXCUSE for not making perfect 1/4" seams!...Or if a needle should break... or if I don't have an empty bobbin to fill...or if I run out of thread!

Guess what I'll be doing today...and tomorrow?:o))

Have a sunny Sunday and Happy Stitching!~P