Thursday, March 26, 2015

The PERFECT Quilt!!

Is this not the PERFECT QUILT to make for two school teachers getting married this summer?


YES, there is another wedding happening in our family…and we couldn’t be happier!!  Quilt Daughter (Basting Beauty Blog Fame) and her fiancé are tying the knot…THIS SUMMER!

Since they announced their engagement last summer, I have been on the look out for a SPECIAL quilt pattern that would reflect both of them…I want it to be modern but not TOO modern.  I want it to stand the test of time…I want it to be just as beautiful fifty years from now, as it is today…!


I think this is THE QUILT to do just that!  It’s modern but it also has an old fashion feel to it!  I also love the positive/negative aspect to it!  It adds a bit more interest to it, don’t you think?  And there is that ‘School House’ aspect to it, and THEY ARE teachers!  PERFECT!!

Seriously…bells and whistles went off when this magazine FELL off the shelf as I was putting away my new magazines purchased down south! I swear…someone/something gave it a nudge…and it FELL off the shelf…It was meant to BE!!  I can’t believe that it was sitting on the shelf, at home, the whole time that I was down south LOOKING…


I sent the happy couple a picture of it and they BOTH loved it!! Whew!!  So you see, it really was meant to be! 

I have three and a half months to ‘get ‘er done’… which is totally do-able!  My ‘To Do List’ will get pushed to the wayside but that’s OK!

*NOTE TO SELF*…NEVER make goals and NEVER have a TO DO LIST!!  Life happens and quilters have to roll with it! 

And speaking of ROLL, I have to loose a few to fit into my new MOB dress! :o) 

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Stitching!~P 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

We’re HOME and SEW are the COWS!

We got home on Monday after a record breaking trip from ‘H-E-double hockey sticks’…

Without boring you TOO much and without going into too much detail…the first day on the road we had a TIRE BLOW-OUT…in the middle of no where..on the I-5 Freeway!  Good Sam sent out a repair truck ‘lickity split’ that took almost three hours to get to us!  Hubby had the spare tire fixed at the next small town and once we got to our camp-spot he did research on where we could get four new Michelin tires for the RV.  (Our RV is only 3 1/2 years old so the tires ‘should’ be still good but who knows what kind of quality they are…clearly not good!)  He found some Michelin tires (right size) in Stockton at a big tire dealer there and made an appointment for the next day.  Thirteen miles from the tire shop, we had our SECOND tire blowout!  Both blowouts were on the I-5 Freeway…we had just enough room to pull over but it sure wasn’t safe!  Thank goodness we had the new spare…and thank goodness Good Sam sent a repair man out in less than hour!  We made it to the tire shop 20 minutes before they closed…for the weekend! Needless to say, we hustled our way home after that!  No Quilt Shop Stops for us!  Just get me home!  The RV now has a much needed ‘SPA DAY’ booked to repair the blowout damages to the fenders and under-belly!  Looks like a bomb went off down there…but her new tires are looking mighty fine!

It feels SO good to be home!!  No stitching going on YET…just lots of unloading… and the washing machine has been going non-stop!

Speaking of stitching…have you bought the book and have you been collecting the fabric for our ‘Where the Cows Come Home’ Sew-A-Long

Remember it starts April FIRST!  You still have time…


My tub is FULL of goodness (thanks to Kathy!) and is waiting…


My book is starting to get that lovely worn look to it!  I DO love looking at it and I keep marvelling at how WELL WRITTEN this book is…clearly written for the ‘New to Wool Work’ quilter!


Kathy Cardiff and her daughter Taylor Olivera thought of EVERYTHING when they wrote this book…everything to make this quilt easier and more fun for ALL of us!  Under the title of the book it says “A Block of the Month Quilt”…so that’s what we will do!  One block a month…totally do-able!  Before you know it, this sweet baby will be done and hanging! 

If you don’t have your book and fabric, not to worry…Kathy has put together these sweet bundles of fabrics at a VERY sweet price and she is also selling her book…just GO HERE and place your order…pull out your wool bin and you will be all set!

Let me tell you, this quilt, in REAL life, is drop jaw gorgeous!  (Here she is hanging in the ‘Country Loft Quilt Shop’…yup she stopped me in my tracks!!)

IMG_0310_thumb (1)

You can also use your own stash fabric…you just need the BOOK!  Then let me know if you are on board!  Remember you don’t HAVE to write a blog to participate…just send me your picture at the end of each month and I will publish it for you!

This will be a FUN Sew-A-Long…with no pressure…just the way I like it!  No fuss, no muss…just a lot of SWEET, SWEET stitching!

Have a wicked Wednesday and Happy Stitching!~P

Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Clubhouse Highlight…

One of the many Clubhouse Highlights on Wednesday mornings was watching these lovely ladies pulling their little green wagons down our palm treed boulevard towards the Clubhouse!


These were Costco Finds…$59.99 and it was yours!


They are perfect for this…sturdy, they roll every which way, lots of compartments for do-dads….


And they come in my favourite colour… GREEN!  They hold EVERYTHING, including the heaviest machine….


And with a pull of the tab….


Presto!  It folds down to the size of a lawn chair!  How clever is this!


Did I rush out and buy one?  Nope…remember I just bought the tool kit this year and it preformed beautifully!  BUT I still had to drive the truck to the Clubhouse….  If I hadn’t just bought the tool kit, I would have definitely jumped on the band WAGON!

NoteBumping up and down in my little GREEN WAGON,


Bumping up and down in the my little green wagon….  Bumping up and down in my little green wagon…

Wont’ YOU be my darling!Note

Have a Super Saturday and Happy Stitching!~P