Friday, November 22, 2013


Did you recognize this quote?…It came from Steve Martin in ‘The Jerk’ as he runs like a wild man throughout his town, waving the newly released phonebook…screaming “The new phonebook is here!!  The new phonebook is here!!”  He was excited to see his name in print! (Trust me it was funny!…Well, maybe you had to be there?)

Anyways..that’s how I felt yesterday!!  I FINALLY had my hot and sweaty hands on the newest Quilts and Crafts magazine called ‘Simply Vintage’!!  I have been drooling over this magazine for months now… but this is the FIRST issue translated into English and we found it in Chapters and Monroe Book Store in Victoria!! (insert happy dance…and me running throughout the shop yelling ‘Simply Vintage’ is HERE!!  ‘Simply Vintage’ is HERE!!!!)

Oh man…it was SEW worth the wait!  Imagine Lisa Bongean, Norma Whaley, Connie Tesene and Mary Etherington, Polly Minick, Mary Flanagan, Kathy Cardiff…and SEW on…and SEW on..all in one magazine!!  WELL here they are…all together!! 

Have a peak…isn’t it purdy…they really captured that vintage feel…


This wool runner (by Lisa DeBee Schiller) stopped my heart…I swear, they had to get out the paddles!!


It was worth the price of the magazine just for this pattern alone!!


A sweet and simple quilt…the best kind!!  (by Norma Whaley)


And Kathy Cardiff whipped this one up…gorgeous!!


Wish I could show you MORE…but I better not!!  I WILL show you the back of the magazine…top left is Lisa’s ‘Favourite Things’!!  Yowzers, I love this quilt…and yes the pattern is in this magazine!!  On  the bottom right…looks like a penny rug but it’s really a cover for an ottoman!  SWEET!


I would say that ‘Simply Vintage’ is a cross between ‘Primitive Quilts Magazine’ and ‘Quiltmania Magazine’…SEW if you like those two magazines then you are going to LOVE ‘Simply Vintage’!  If you want to see more of ‘Simply Vintage’ than go HERE…and if you click on the magazine, it will activate the page flipping magic!!  (love the computer!!)  That way you will get to see MORE projects without me breaking any copyright laws!!  ALSO check out the newest WINTER edition…it’s a winner too!

So rush out to your nearest bookstands…if we have this magazine here in Canada, then you will definitely have it wherever you may live!  Happy hunting!!

I hope you have a FUN Friday…as for me, I’m off to a Craft Fair and lunch with THREE car loads of women…and I am the only QUILTER!  Yes, I like to occasionally keep in touch with the ‘outside world’!  :0))))


Lori said...

It looks like a great magazine! Thanks for the heads up!

Terry said...

Well that certainly made you happy, glad you found it, looks like a goodie!

pbee ... said...

I'm on my way to Barnes and Noble right now! (Well, when I got off work.) Why have we not heard of this magazine before? Thanks being on top of things. BTW I have the blocks finished for Lisa's My Favorite Things. It was orginially a freebee with the summer of 2012's SBOW (which is in the quilting phase for me). And I have a footstool that has been waiting for me to creatively recover it. You are the greatest P!

Patti said...

I know exactly what you mean! I have been buying it in French and even though I can't read a single word I still love it lol!
Blessings, Patti

Mary said...

I tried to go to the Craft Fair in my Town but the Truck won't start, DH took my Car this morning. Lucky that it runs tomorrow to and he'll be gone with a buddy for the day. Thanks for sharing the Cute Magazine link. I will go looking for it and let you know.

WoolenSails said...

I have to see if any of our stores are carrying it, love what I saw in the Christmas issue.


Joan said...

What a lovely magazine! I'll have to check for it in Ottawa. Have a nice weekend!

belarmina said...

tengo esta revista en francés,
siempre tiene trabajos interesantes
en mi blog publique el trabajo
(pumpkin candle mat, pagina de la revista 104)
y me gusta el resultado
buen fin de semana

marie said...

Lucky you! I've had no luck finding it her in Oregon. Only a few quilt shop carry it but only on pre-orders.

Anne said...

Oh I'm on a quest to find it. Not even sure where to start. Maybe Barnes and Noble? Geesh, you should have bought the lot and we could have ordered from YOU! :)

audrey said...

This looks like a magazine worth looking for! Thanks so much for sharing.:)

Raymond Homestead said...

Looks like a great magazine!

Michelle said...

Carrie bought this yesterday at the quilt show we went to...I had to pass as had already spent my budget on wool!

Michelle said...